Trinity Western University

Pillar Yearbooks

The Pillar Yearbook is the official school annual, and has been published in the spring term of every academic year since 1962/63.

In 2012 Trinity Western University celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The University Communications department hired students to scan fifty years of the Pillar, which were featured online.These scans were made available to the TWU Archives in 2013 and posted here for the benefit of alumni and researchers.

We salute you, the first class of Trinity Junior College, for blazing a new trail in Christian higher education. We salute the student yearbook staff for producing the first “Pillar” to mark the completion of a year of milestones and miracles … I am told that my Convocation address concerning the great pillar of cloud and of fire which led God’s people of old served as an inspiration to you to select the name “Pillar” for your school annual. May it always remind you that though today we have no visible pillar of cloud or fire to guide us, we do have the assurance that God is still concerned to direct His people.
Calvin B. Hanson, The President’s message, Pillar 1963, p. 11

To access original print copies, please make an appointment to visit the TWU Archives.