Trinity Western University

Procedures for Transferring Files

  1. Pack files into standard Bankers boxes. Please do not use any other type of boxes, as they will not fit on the standard shelving in the University Archives. A limited number of boxes are available from the archivist.

  2. If possible, pack and list files from the same record or file series together in the same boxes and keep separate from other records series files. For example, pack all student files together in the same box, rather than mixing them with faculty files or general office files or other records used by the department.

  3. Please do not take documents out of file folders and bundle them. Leave all documents in their original file folders and pack the files into the boxes with the folder tabs clearly visible at the top when the box lid is open. Place the files in the same order as they were arranged in the department's filing cabinets and following the existing departmental filing system. Be sure to fill the boxes completely but do not overstuff them; this causes bulging and the boxes will not fit onto the Archives shelving.

  4. Contact the archivist at local 3925 to report the number of boxes to be transferred and to request a copy of the Transfer Form. Please complete one copy of the form for each box of materials, and attach the completed forms to their corresponding boxes.

  5. Contact the university’s Shipping and Receiving Department, and arrange to have the boxes picked up and delivered. If the transfer is small, materials can be delivered directly to the Archivist. Hours of operation are always posted here.