Trinity Western University

Research Agreement

The Archives serves serves first and foremost the members of the University community, but also extends its services to outside researchers and to the general public.

First time researchers must fill in this form prior to use of material.

Researchers are also requested to sign the register daily during their use of the Archives.

I, _____________________________________________ (print name) hereby apply for permission to consult the archival resources of the Trinity Western University Archives.

  • Only pencils may be used in the Archives. The use of pens and other marking devices is not permitted.

  • Researchers are not permitted access to the stack areas unless permission has been granted by the Archivist.

  • Archival materials must be maintained in their original order. Do not disturb the arrangement of papers as they may be coded to finding aids.

  • Researchers are not permitted to photograph or photocopy materials unless permission has been granted by the Archivist.

The researcher understands and promises to abide by the following terms and conditions:

The researcher will not use the information in the records for any purpose other than the following research purposes unless the researcher has the University's written authorization to do so. (Describe research purpose below):

  • The researcher will not identify in notes and/or in any other public way, the names of correspondents or personal information* contained in the letters concerning the correspondent.
  • The researcher will not identify in notes or any other public way, personal information* about person(s) mentioned in the records.
  • The researcher will ensure that no personal information* will be used or disclosed in a form in which the individual to whom it relates can be identified.
  • Records which are photographed, scanned, or photocopied may be used for purposes of private research and reference only. No further copies may be produced or distributed.
  • The researcher will not contact any individual to whom personal information* relates, directly or indirectly.
  • The researcher will accept full responsibility for any breach of personal privacy arising out of an infringement of these conditions including any financial liability against Trinity Western University.

* Personal information in this agreement may include information relating to educational, medical, psychiatric, criminal, financial, sexual orientation, or employment history, particularly evaluations and recommendations.

Please be aware that archival materials, by their very nature, are unique and irreplaceable. For this reason, it is imperative that all materials remain in the Archives.

I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Signature: _____________________________________________

Contact: ______________________________________________ (please supply email address or telephone number)