Trinity Western University

Ethiopian Manuscripts

This collection was generously donated to TWU by Bob Thompson and Brian Fargher.
Robert N. Thompson lived and worked in Ethiopia in the late 1940s and through the 1950s for SIM as well as the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. Following a career in the Canadian federal government in the 1960s, he arrived at TWU where he served as an administrator and lecturer. The latter three manuscripts pictured below were donated by him to the TWU Archives prior to 1995.
Brian L. Fargher donated the Psalms of David to the ACTS Library at TWU in 1993, having purchased the manuscript in Ethiopia in the 1950s. The manuscript was deposited in the TWU Archives ca. 2000.

In 2006 Steve Delamarter, Professor of Old Testament and Director of the Ethiopian Manuscript Imaging Project (EMIP) at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, travelled to TWU in order to photograph these manuscripts. Copies of the project files were deposited with the Institute of Ethiopian Studies in Addis Ababa and with the Hill Museum and Manuscripts Library in Collegeville, Minnesota.

Psalms of David
  • Short description: Psalms of David in Ge'ez language

  • Complete; handwritten on sheepskin parchment

  • Place of Origin: Lake Tswana Island Monastery, Ethiopia

  • Date: 19th/20th century

Manuscript 2
  • Short description: Composite work

  • Complete; medium unknown; wooden cover

  • Place of Origin: Ethiopia

  • Date: 19th-20th centuries

Manuscript 3
  • Short description: Psalter Fragment

  • Fragmentary; medium unknown; no cover

  • Place of Origin: Ethiopia

  • Date: 17th century

Manuscript 4
  • Short description: "The Bandlet of Righteousness" accordion book

  • Accordion-fold miniature; medium: unknown; wooden cover

  • Place of Origin: Ethiopia

  • Date: 20th century