On February 8 President Kuhn announced the official opening of Heritage Hall. In his email message he stated "I would invite you to visit Heritage Hall on the 2nd floor of Reimer Student Centre and read through the wonderful history of the land which is Trinity Western University.  A land that God has richly blessed over these past 150 years, and by His grace will continue to bless for years to come." (See also December 2017)


On March 16, under head coach Barret Kropf, TWU earned its first-ever BCIHL ( British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League) championship, winning on home ice after beating Selkirk 4-1 in Game 2 of the best-of-three series. TWU forward Jarrett Fontaine was named 2018 BCIHL Playoff MVP.


On Saturday, April 28, at 2 pm the TWU community held its graduation ceremony at the Abbotsford Centre.The number of students eligible to graduate this year was 500, including 48 School of Graduate Studies students. Preston Manning, MP and leader of the Reform Party of Canada, recieved an honorary doctorate, and gave the commencement address. Ann-Marie Ryan gave the valedictory address.


On May 3 it was announced that Andrew Perrin, Assistant Professor in Religious Studies and Director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at TWU, received the Canada Research Chair in Religious Identities of Ancient Judaism today The Tier 2 Canada Research Chair award would bring $500,000 ($100,000 per year for five years) in research funding to the university. Dr. Perrin planned to use recently discovered Aramaic literature in the Dead Sea Scrolls to map the ideological, literary, and cultural landscape of a period that served as the common basis of emerging Judaism and Christianity in antiquity – making it foundational for Western Civilization. "As an alum of TWU, past Canada Research Chair events and assistant positions were formative for my academic journey. Having the opportunity to now implement a new Chair research program and write the next chapter of Scrolls research at Trinity Western University attests to both the core commitment of our university to this field of study and the investment of the Canada Research Chairs program across generations of Canadian scholars," said Perrin.

The Association of British Columbia Deans of Education (ABCDE) presented a TEACHER EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR Award to Dr. Kimberly Franklin, former Dean of Education in TWU’s School of Education on Friday, May 4th.


June 15 - Trinity Western University was disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision. In a very long complex ruling, with four sets of reasons, eight of nine judges agreed that TWU’s religious freedom was violated but the majority still upheld the law societies' decision not to approve the law school.

“Without question, the Trinity Western community is disappointed by this ruling. However, all Canadians should be troubled by today’s decision that sets a precedent for how the courts will interpret and apply Charter rights and equality rights going forward,” said Earl Phillips, executive director of TWU’s proposed law school.

TWU aimed to meet the demand for more law school spaces in Canada. It also proposed a unique law school with specializations in non-profit charity law and small-business law. Above all, the university sought to graduate caring and trustworthy lawyers ready to represent and advocate for all Canadians, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual identification.

TWU Law School Timeline:

2012    The university begins steps toward opening a law school.

2013    TWU follows the provincial approved process for establishing a new post-secondary education program and receives approval from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education.

2014    BC Ministry of Advanced Education revokes its approval following a reversal of support by the BC Law Society.

2015    BC Supreme Court rules in favour of TWU’s right to open and operate a law school.

2016    BC Court of Appeal upholds TWU’s right to open and operate a law school.

2017    Facing continued opposition from the Law Society of BC and the Law Society of Ontario, the university takes its case to the Supreme Court of Canada in November to seek a resolution.

2018    Supreme Court of Canada delivers its ruling against the university




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