Band program was launched.

Christian Leaders in Residence program was established.

Co-operative Education program was started, under the leadership of Lou Sawchenko.

Northwest Baptist College relocated to TWU campus.

1358 students enrolled, 246 staff and faculty


First Four-Year Degrees

TWU Archives
Item No. 2006-01-0407

The Aviation facility at the Abbotsford Airport was approved.

Five aviation students and one instructor lost their lives on March 5, when their two airplanes crashed separately in a snowstorm near Bellingham, WA.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program was launched.

Fraser Hall expansion was completed.  Sand courts were installed on campus, and a bike shed was constructed.

30th Convocation was celebrated.

New Northwest Baptist Theological College building [pictured right] was dedicated on Sunday, October 13. The distinctive red-brick building, clearly visible from the freeway, provided housing for 200 students and an operations centre for the College, which had been located in Vancouver since 1958.
Architect: Isaac-Renton Architects

1,495 students enrolled, 258 staff and faculty


TWU’s academic organizational structure underwent a significant change, from divisions to departments within Faculties.
The 1991-1992 calendar lists the following divisions:

The 1992-1993 calendar lists the following faculties:

Telephones were installed in students’ dormitory rooms. Until then, students had to make do with pay phones near “The Box,” in Douglas, or in noisy residence hallways.

Board approves the pursuit of the school’s own Professional Development year for Trinity’s Teachers’ Education Program.

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new Science Centre was held on October 23.

1,558 students enrolled, 273 staff and faculty


New Fosmark Centre

TWU Archives Item No. 2006-01-0405

Construction of the Fosmark Centre began in February.
The 19,345 square-foot building [pictured right] was to house the offices of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada and Trinity Western Seminary.  Space in the building was also allocated to ACTS, Canadian Baptist Seminary, Wycliffe Bible Translators, British Columbia Baptist Conference, Young Life, and the Society of Christian Schools of BC.

The grand opening and dedication of the Fosmark Centre, named in hounour of brothers Carl and Lee Fosmark who served as leaders in the Free Church in Canada, were celebrated on July 29.
Source: Invitation to the dedication ceremony, 1993[TWU Archives: F 70 B 1 File 7]

A 5000 square foot addition to the Mattson Centre was completed. The remaining unfinished half of the Library’s upper level was renovated over the summer to house shelving, offices, washrooms, and the Archives.

ACTS became an associate member of Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

1,558 to 1,721 students enrolled, 299 staff and faculty

First Four-Year Degrees

TWU Archives Item No. 2006-01-0120

Trinity’s first class of nursing students [pictured left] convened in September, and would graduate four years later, in 1997.

In September Trinity’s first graduate program — in Counselling Psychology — was launched.

TWU entered into an arrangement with the University College of the Fraser Valley (UCFV) and Coastal Pacific Aviation with regard to the revamping of the aviation program.  After December 1994, Trinity’s own Institute of Aviation no longer existed.


New Neufeld Science Centre

TWU Archives Item No. 2006-01-0405

Anna and J.G. Neufeld Science Centre — named in honour of the Neufelds, who were supporters of the school — was dedicated on April 8.
The new 21,560 square foot Science Centre [pictured right] was attached at its northeast end to the existing Arts & Science Building.
Architect: Arthur Allen

Association of Theological Schools (ATS) granted ACTS candidacy status.

On September 26, the first phase of TRINET, the campus network, formally went online.

On November 9, the library was re-dedicated and named in honour of Norma Marion Alloway, a writer and founder of the Association for Christian Libraries, whose family supported the school. 

2005 students enrolled, including 1881 undergraduates


In January TWU applied to the British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) for the ability to offer the required certification year for its Education students, who had been attending SFU for their fifth year of studies.

Trinity’s postal code changed from V3A 6H4 to V2Y 1Y1 in April.

New junior residence, providing housing for ninety-two third-year students, opened in August.
Architect: Arthur Allen

Wycliffe and Summer Institute of Linguistics partnered with ACTS to train Bible translators.

Affiliation status was granted to Western Pentecostal Bible College and Canadian Pentecostal Seminary.

Dead Sea Scrolls Institute, intended to provide resources and scholarly support to the University's Graduate Program in Biblical Studies, was established.

John Collins of Yale University Divinity School offered the inaugural address at the September 30 symposium.
Directors: Martin Abegg and Peter Flint

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new Student Centre was held on December 1.


New Robson Hall

TWU Archives Item No. 2005-11-0038

On January 15, the new junior residence [pictured left] was named Robson Hall.

“During a chapel service on Monday, January 15, the new junior residence was officially named Robson Hall, in honour of John and Ebenezer Robson, brothers who came to BC from Ontario in 1859 and between them devoted seventy years of leadership to the province. John, 1824-1892, was a newspaper editor, provincial legislator, a ‘Father of Confederation’ and premier of BC.  Ebenezer, 1835-1911, the first Methodist missionary to the First Nations people of BC, ministered to white settlers and was president of the BC Conference of the Methodist Church.”
See F 02 B 56 File 2

In June, ignoring the recommendation of its own committee, the British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) denied TWU’s 1995 application to provide a complete Education program, deeming it to be “not in the public interest,” citing the school’s community standards which required students to “refrain from extramarital sex, including homosexual behaviour.”

Campus computer network was expanded and TWU launched its first website.

ACTS partnered with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in Deerfield, Illinois, to offer a Doctor of Ministry degree.

On July 22, following a brief battle with cancer, David Enarson passed away, at the age of 80.


New Neufeld Science Centre

TWU Archives Item No. 2006-01-0016

The official grand opening of the new Student Centre took place on January 20, just over one year after the December 1, 1995 ground-breaking ceremony.

The former Student Centre was re-named Douglas Centre.

First Nursing School students graduated.

TWU challenged the British Columbia College of Teachers’ 1996 denial of its application regarding its Education program to the BC Supreme Court in May.

In June, TWU signed an agreement with Marriott Food Services (later Sodexho, now Sodexo).  Prior to this, the school’s cafeteria had been managed by Beaver Foods.

On September 12, the court ordered the BCCT to approve Trinity’s program, having found that there was no evidence of intolerance among TWU-trained teachers.

The BCCT filed a notice on September 28 stating that it would appeal this ruling to the BC Court of Appeal.

On October 6, the new Student Centre [pictured above right] was named in honour of Delbert Reimer, a founding and still-active member of the school’s Board of Governors.

Internet connections were made available in student dormitories.


New high-ropes course

TWU Archives Item No. 2006-01-0046

British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) and TWU filed arguments with the BC Court of Appeal in April, regarding TWU’s Education program.

In June the appeal regarding the BCCT’s denial of TWU’s application was heard over the course of three days, in a Vancouver courtroom. The three judges considered submissions from each side, as well as from two intervening parties.

Laying Walk of Faith bricks

Alumni Relations postcard, ca. 1998

TWU Archives: F 4 B 14 File 4

TWU’s Challenge Course [pictured left] opened in May, and was coordinated by Daryl Page. The high-ropes component was installed in the trees near the RNT Building.
At the time it was the first year-round ropes course run by a university in BC, and the first team-oriented High Course of its kind in the province.

Starbucks coffee arrived on campus.

Walk of Faith [pictured right] — a system of sidewalks featuring bricks engraved with the names of friends of the University — was installed in front of the Student Centre.
On August 21 members of the campus community gathered for a brief dedication ceremony, during which the first bricks were laid.

TWU Athletics joined the Canadian Interuniversity Athletics Union (CIAU - later Canadian Interuniversity Sport or CIS) and Canada West Universities Athletic Association (CWUAA).

On December 30, the BC Court of Appeal ruled 2-to-1 in favour of TWU, ordering the British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) to approve the University’s Education program.

Enrolment at ACTS tops 300


On January 14 the British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) announced it would appeal the 1998 ruling of the BC Court of Appeal, regarding TWU’s Education program, to the Supreme Court of Canada.

In 1999 Redeemer Pacific College (RPC) — an initiative of a group of evangelical Catholic TWU alumni and their supporters — opened its doors as an “Approved Teaching Center of Trinity Western University.”

On December 9 the Supreme Court of Canada announced it would hear the appeal of the British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) regarding TWU’s Education program.