First Four-Year Degrees

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Renaming of Chapel

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On March 1, 1980 the Chapel was rededicated and officially named the Calvin B. Hanson Chapel in honour of Trinity’s first president [pictured left].

Trinity’s first sixteen four–year degrees were awarded [pictured right].

Graduates that year were:
Cheryl Bergman
Diane Bremner
Kathleen Jo Carter
Carmen Daniels
Diane George
Nels Hawkinson
Ernest Hollenbeak
Paul Huesken
Deborah Jones
Ron Knoller
Ellis Kurniawan
Scott Nelson
Stanley Ng
Robin Smith
Daniel Splinter
Cliff Underwood

The Robert N. Thompson Building [pictured below right] was completed in the summer of 1980 and dedicated on September 14.  This facility provided space for classrooms and administrative offices, and initially housed the Aviation and Business divisions.
The RNT Building, as it would come to be called, was named for Bob Thompson, who served the school in many capacities — including Board member, administrator, and instructor in political science — over the course of three decades.

Thompson Building

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Historic note: according to the Board of Governors minutes, March 29th, 1980: “‘Freedom Hall’ seems like a most appropriate designation for the lecture theatre in this building as it can be understood both in terms of our freedom in Christ and in terms of the personal freedoms we enjoy as part of our free enterprise system.”

553 to 668 students enrolled.


Trinity’s 20th Convocation service was celebrated.

Gym floor was repaired after sustaining water damage.

Campus security personnel began going on patrol eight hours per night.

Work to develop the Teacher Education program began.

742 students enrolled


Douglas Hall was renovated and expanded; a dedication ceremony was held September 9, during Convocation.

Print Shop was completed.

Bridge was rebuilt.

A resolution was passed under the Societies Act to make a change to the TWC bylaws; as a result, all of the Deans and Directors became Vice Presidents.

Graduate Institute for Christian Ministries (precursor to ACTS) began as a partnership between Northwest Baptist College and TWC.

805 to 808 students enrolled


TWC Parade Float, circa 1975

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School colours changed from brown and gold [see left] to blue and gold.

Portables were brought on campus and used to provide additional space for the library and for the Drama program.

The President’s Entrance Scholarship Award, which awarded top BC high school graduates one year’s full tuition, was introduced.

Approval was given to the joint TWC-SFU Professional Development Program for Education students.

777 students enrolled


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In March, Trinity became a full member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) [press release pictured right].

Approval was granted to Wycliffe’s Summer Institute of Linguistics program offering classes at TWC.

TWC rejoined the Totem Athletic Conference (the provincial college conference).

838 students enrolled


Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) offered a ten-week program at TWC.

Four-year TWU Teacher Education degree program was launched.  An arrangement was reached whereby students could attend Simon Fraser University for a fifth year, to receive required provincial certification.

936 students enrolled

First Four-Year Degrees

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Bill Pr 406 — An Act To Amend The Trinity Western College Act [pictured left] — was passed on June 28, approved and ordered October 24.  Trinity Western College became Trinity Western University.

Unfinished second floor of the southeast wing of the RNT Building was completed and furnished, primarily for use as office space.  The President was one of the first to occupy the newly finished space.
This section of the building was dedicated on October 28, and named the Stanley Nelson Centre in honour of Reverend Nelson, who served as Director of Development at Trinity from 1968 until 1973.  Nelson Lumber - owned by Stanley’s brother- provided funding for the project.


TWU celebrated its 25th Anniversary year.

New gym floor was finished over the summer.

Twenty-two majors were available, including the newly-introduced Philosophy major.

1,109 students enrolled


Grant of Arms

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His Honour, Mr. Robert G. Rogers, Lieutenant Governor of BC, representing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, presented TWU’s official Coat of Arms to President Snider and the University community on February 25, 1987, during Founder’s Week [pictured left].
The “grant of arms” made by Lord Lyon of the Royal College of Arms, in England, had been received by Trinity on the 10th of December, 1986.
Note: RNT SF 05 B 2 File 5

The Honorable Jake Epp — Minister of Health and Welfare — was presented with Trinity’s first Honorary Degree, that of ‘Doctor of Laws,’ on April 26, 1987.

New Library

TWU Entrance Sign, 1990

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The Torch Logo [see right] was adopted in 1987.

“The torch itself has many meanings, representing both the Light of the World and the light of learning.  In both shape and style, the logo’s torch is simple, unaffected, and timeless With its lines and smoothed curves, it is a flowing representation of the central symbol of the Christian faith, the cross.  The torch presents a stylized ‘T,’ and the flame above it flickers as a lively, flowing ‘W.’  The logo design also suggests a person, holding up the flame of truth with the outstretched arms representing the pages of the Bible, from which the flame rises.”
Source: Campus Insights, October 1993, p. 3 [TWU Archives: Coll. 4 B 6 File 9]
See also: Trinity Western World, November 1987 [TWU Archives: Coll. 4 B 6 File 19]

“The Torch symbolizes our aspiration to provide Christian leadership and academic excellence, evoking both Christ the Light of the world and the light of learning.  In the shape of the cross, the Torch personifies Christ with His arms outstretched.  The arms are transformed into the pages of the Book from which the flame of Truth rises.  The University is committed to learning and living in the light of God’s truth: passing on that knowledge is a timeless process in which the flame never goes out.”
Source: Brochure accompanying the fifteen-year achievement awards in 2009

Historic note: The Totem Athletic Conference was renamed the British Columbia Colleges' Athletic Association (BCCAA).

New programs were launched, included Communications, English Honours, and Psychology Honours, for a total of twenty-five majors.

Daily chapel services could no longer be accommodated in the Hanson Chapel, so they were moved to the Enarson Gymnasium; the Chapel was used primarily for classroom space and Music instruction.

1,175 students enrolled; 199 staff and faculty


Sod-turning ceremony for the new library was held March 14.

Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS) at Trinity Western University — a consortium of Canadian seminaries including Trinity Western Seminary, Northwest Baptist Theological College and Seminary, and Canadian Baptist Seminary — was established.
A celebration of praise was held on October 21.

ACTS opened for classes with twenty-four students.

First female member of the Board of Governors was appointed.

TWU 2001 Strategic Plan was developed, with a goal of achieving an enrolment of 2001 students by the year 2001.

Historic Note: The government established the BC College of Teachers. At the first council meeting TWU submitted a proposal for its own complete Education program. The college indicated it would be developing criteria for approval (announced in November 1994).

1,228 students enrolled; 199 staff and faculty


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On January 20 the university community celebrated the grand opening of the new library [pictured left] located near the heart of the campus, between Seal Kap House and Mattson Centre, on what was originally the site of Faculty House.
Architect: Arthur Allen

President Snider was ordained on July 27.

New Bridge

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Trinity’s permanent new two-lane bridge [pictured right] was officially opened on Monday, October 23.

Chapel wings addition was approved by the Board of Governors.

1,276 students enrolled, 258 staff and faculty