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Reimer Student Centre

The official grand opening of the new Student Centre took place on January 20, 1997, just over one year after the December 1, 1995 ground-breaking ceremony.

In October, 1997, the new centre was named in honour of Delbert Reimer, a founding and still-active member of the school’s Board of Governors. The former Student Centre was re-named Douglas Centre.

Dear Dr. Hanson,
We are so pleased that you and Muriel are able to join us and participate in our special day for the Naming and Dedication of the Student Center … Del does not know that we are honouring him, although he knows of course that the Student Centre will be named the Reimer Student Centre… It will be a complete surprise.
Email from Hazel Campbell (President’s Office) to former President Calvin Hanson, September 30, 1997.
[TWU Archives: F 2 B 77 File 4]

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    Administrators and others on the day of the sod-turning for the new student centre, 1995. Architect Arthur Allen is pictured on the far right, next to Bert Friesen, Campus Project Manager.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0006]

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    Naming and Dedication ceremony program, October 6, 1997.

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    [TWU Archives: F 2 B 77 File 4]

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    Reimer Family

    Delbert Reimer with his wife, Noreen, their children and grandchildren, on the occasion of the naming ceremony for the Reimer Student Centre, 1997.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0025]

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    Main Entrance

    The newly completed Centre, showing the main entrance, 1997.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0016]

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    An Ongoing Miracle ...

    Delbert Reimer responds to the unexpected honour bestowed on him, during the chapel service on the day of the Naming and Dedication ceremony, 1997.

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    [TWU Archives: Audio Visual Collection. Aud. 291]

    [24:38]I’m overwhelmed by the kind words of Dr. Snider, my brother, our son. I’m so thankful that each of our children are here with us this morning. In fact, each of our grandchildren, except for our youngest… And indeed, the kind things that have been said, those are things indeed I aspire to but that I have not attained to. And I trust we all aspire to those things.

    I see, I did see a few minutes ago, brother Cal Hanson and his wife Muriel, and I remember those days when brother Dave Enarson, who is no longer with us, he’d be the chairman of the board, and things would look pretty difficult, and Cal Hanson would remind us ‘don’t doubt in the dark what God told you in the light.” And indeed you’ve all heard, or I’m sure lots heard it in the earlier days from Dr. Hanson himself, that “if Jesus Christ is Lord, nothing is secular.” And we’re gathered here today to thank God for the miracle of Trinity Western. Indeed it is an ongoing miracle…

    We thank God of course for the facilities, buildings, but most of all we thank God for people. I remember back in 1962, when, if my memory serves me correctly, the budget called for fifty students the first year; but only seventeen came. Now I said to somebody today, what that reminds me of, in a sense relating it to our business… we said we’d start a daily service, I believe on March the first of 1960, to Calgary and Edmonton; but if only 5,000 pounds of freight showed up, that meant we had to go and maybe come back empty. But unless you went, you’d never build up the service. So, that September of 1962, when only seventeen students showed up, we didn’t say ‘we’ll wait another year’ – we proceeded. With you know, men of vision, men of courage like Cal Hanson, like brother Enarson, like Bob Thompson, and indeed, Jim Westman… I see him here today. And I can in no way think of seeing myself compared to these men. I say that very humbly and very honestly. But God has privileged me to be together with men like that and they have been a great blessing to me. So I say most of all we thank God for people: from seventeen students today to more than 2500…

    To me it’s totally overwhelming and was a total - I mean I realized it was going to be the Reimer Student Centre, but nothing personal like this did I anticipate or certainly did I deserve. But I think of the Christian heritage with which God has blessed us, as I think of the grandparents we had – but hey, now we’re the grandparents! Then also, I think of that line, the last line of the hymn that says ‘may all who come behind us find us faithful,’ and that verse from Ephesians that says: 'may we all live to the praise of His glorious grace.' May God help us. Thank you very much.

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