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The first phase of TRINET, the campus network, formally went online on September 26, 1994. The first phase connects Fosmark, Mattson, Library, NSC, and RNT/SNC. TRINET also connects the University to the Internet… TRINET will, over the next two years, connect every microcomputer on campus…
Tim Guay. “A Strategic Overview of Information Technology at TWU,” September, 1994. [TWU Archives: F 42 B 6 File 3]

In 1996, TWU launched its first website.

Whether you happened upon our World Wide Web site by some "Internet surfing" accident or whether you are a student seeking education and career options, we welcome you to browse through our Web server and find out more about this unique university.
Trinity Western University is motivated by a clear and distinct mission, to develop leaders with the broad perspective, thinking skills, expertise, relational abilities and character to effectively and positively impact the marketplace - leaders committed to a biblical, Christian world view…
At TWU, we see the Internet as yet another exciting marketplace where we can have a positive impact by serving society - millions of people with whom we can interact in literally seconds. Today's world is full of rapid change, and the Internet is one significant example of how quickly methods of communication are being transformed. At TWU, we are committed to preparing students to address these changes and the challenges of whatever career path they choose.
“Welcome from the President” on, 1996.

Internet connections were installed in dorm rooms in 1997.

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    Trinity's First Homepage?

    A “snapshot” of TWU’s 1996 Homepage (courtesy of the Internet Archive).

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    Tech Support

    Trinity’s Computing Services staff, 1996.  Tim Guay is pictured front and centre.

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    [TWU Archives: 2001-01-0288]

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    Early Adopters

    Guy Saffold demonstrating one of the University’s first computers during an Open House, 1979.

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    [TWU Archives:1998-01-2508]

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