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Neufeld Science Centre

The dedication of the Anna and J.G. Neufeld Science Centre was celebrated on Friday, April 8, 1994.

The Anna and J.G. Neufeld Science Centre is a significant addition to our university campus. It substantially expands our science programs in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and pre-professional studies. In addition, the new building has enabled the university to launch its new Baccalaureate degree in Nursing.
Memo from Glen Forrester, April 4, 1994. [TWU Archives: F 4 B 3 File 26]

The new 21,560 square foot Science Centre, attached at its northeast end to the existing Arts & Science Building (1964), was designed by architect Arthur Allen.

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    Don Page and student Scott Dolff break ground at the future site of the Science Centre. Neil Snider is pictured standing behind them, October 23, 1992.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0031]

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    Dedication ceremony program, April 8, 1994.

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    [TWU Archives: F 4 B 3 File 26]

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    A Tribute ...

    Henry Wiebe, Chair of TWU’s Board of Governors, reads a tribute to the Neufeld family during the April dedication program, 1994.

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    [TWU Archives: Audio Visual Collection. Aud 215a]

    [12:30] Mrs. Anna and Dr. George Neufeld, their five daughters, three sons-in-law, and five grandchildren make their home in British Columbia. Dr. Neufeld, a trained dentist, has maintained a business career in agriculture, real estate investment, and property development. Mrs. Neufeld is a trained educator. Dr. and Mrs. Neufeld have always valued learning and education, both formal and informal. Each of their five daughters maintain teaching positions, two at the elementary school level, two at the high school level, and one an economist at the post-secondary level. The three sons-in-law are all independent consultants. One is an investment banker, another an environmental planner, and the third a landscape architect. The five grandchildren, three boys and two girls, range in age from one and a half to seventeen. The four school-age children all attend Christian schools. This closely-knit Christian family is pleased to assist Trinity Western University in the realization of their Christian vision for science education.

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    Main Entrance

    The main entrance of the Neufeld Science Centre, ca. 1999.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-4697]

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    Building Exterior

    Anna and J.G. Neufeld Science Centre, 1995.

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    [TWU Archives: 2005-11-0040]

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