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Graduate Program

At the request of Dr. Ken Davis and the Board of Governors, a task force was established in 1988 to lay out a plan for developing selected graduate programs at TWU. It was decided that these new graduate programs were not to be a graduate addition to existing undergraduate disciplinary departments, but were to be designed as unique advancements of the university's mission…
[TWU Archives: F 12 – fonds-level description]

Under the chairmanship of Grad Dean Davis, the [Graduate] Council has brought forth the attached proposal for a master’s level program in Counselling Psychology … Recommendation: The Board of Governors authorize the submission to the Government of a request to implement a Master’s program in Counselling Psychology which will be launched within the next three years…
Memo from Don Page to the Academic Committee of the Board of Governors, October 16, 1990. [TWU Archives: F 1 B 3 File 4b]

In September 1993 Trinity’s first graduate program - in Counselling Psychology - was launched.
TWU 1993/1004 Academic Calendar, p. 78 [TWU Archives: Coll. 4 B 2 File 2]

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    Ken Davis

    From 1990 to 1995, Ken Davis served as the first Dean of Graduate Affairs.  Photograph ca. 1999.

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    [TWU Archives: 2004-10-0021]

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    Paul Wong

    Paul Wong, founding Director of the Graduate Counselling Program, 1992.

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    [TWU Archives: 2001-01-0220]

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    In His Own Words ...

    Ken Davis on the principles underlying all of Trinity’s academic endeavours, February 16, 1998.

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    [TWU Archives: Audio Visual Collection. Aud. 292]

    Ken Davis: Intellectual integrity, program integrity, identity integrity: this is the foundation of what Trinity Western University is, and the same principles were extended into the growth of our graduate programming. This is what God has honoured. It is only as a Christian university that we have meaning and purpose. God help us as we face now, fourteen years later, increasing pressures for social and political correctness, that we will again face these pressures with integrity and remember: if Christ is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all.

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