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Fosmark Centre

The Fosmark Centre… hounours two brothers, Carl and Lee Fosmark, and their families.
Carl was a charter member of the Enchant Church, became a pastor in the work and still later, with his wife Bertha, was to give good leadership to the Free Church in Canada, becoming its first superintendent. Lee, having a tremendous compassion for souls, an optimistic spirit and an ability to evangelize, with his wife Hattie, gave their lives to the local church and to church planting.
Both families modeled the spirit of faith, commitment to God, and active evangelism and church planting that has been the hallmark of the EFCC…
Construction began on the building in February, 1993. Its 19,345 square feet will house offices of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada and Trinity Western Seminary. Other tenants in the building will include ACTS, Canadian Baptist Seminary, Wycliffe Bible Translators, British Columbia Baptist Conference, Young Life, and the Society of Christian Schools of BC.
Invitation to the dedication ceremony, 1993 [TWU Archives: F 70 B 1 File 7]

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    Dedication Program

    The grand opening and dedication of the Fosmark Centre was celebrated on July 29, 1993.

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    [TWU Archives: F 70 B 1 File 7]

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    Carl and Lee Fosmark’s widows unveil the framed portraits that will hang in the Fosmark Centre. Neil Snider and Guy Saffold are pictured at the centre of the photograph; the Reverend Ron Swanson, President of the EFCC, on the far right.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0401]

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    Building Exterior

    Fosmark Centre, 1998.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0404]

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    Building Sign

    Approaching the building from the north, 1998.

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    [TWU Archives: 2006-01-0405]

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    In His Own Words ...

    Carl Fosmark reflects on a life spent in service to the Free Church.

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    [TWU Archives: Oral History Collection Aud 223; view transcript of this 1983 interview with Carl Fosmark]

    Carl Fosmark: Well you see the first Evangelical Free church that was founded in Canada that’s continued, that was the one in Enchant Alberta. And, I served that church then from twenty-eight to thirty-three and then I was able to get a successor there and then I, the fact is that, then I got a call from this church in Brooklyn, you see, to come down there, so I went down there…

    …so little by little I was getting experience in directing district work you see, so this began to expand into other areas there in the district and then, after some years why, I was called to be district superintendent and so that’s how I got involved slowly in the work, and while I was district superintendent that’s when I was invited to join group here that were, this committee that was, that had the responsibility of establishing this schoo [20:10] this Trinity Western - we called it Trinity Junior College for the first few years.

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