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In 1992 telephones were installed in students’ dorm rooms. Until then students had to make do with pay phones near “The Box,” in Douglas, or in noisy residence hallways.

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    1974 Directory

    The 1962 Student and Staff Directory barely filled two pages and listed twelve staff and faculty, and seventeen students. By 1974, the TWC Directory was a 30-page booklet, complete with eye-catching cover graphics (see image). Around 1997 the printed student directory was discontinued, to be replaced by an online directory of email addresses.

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    [TWU Archives: Coll. 4 B 3 File 5]

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    Campus Phone Booth

    A phone booth near the original dorms, 196-.

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    [TWU Archives:1998-01-1062]

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    Public Phones…

    Public phones had their advantages… 197-.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-4367]

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    …or Not

    …but a little privacy can go a long way… 197-.

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    [TWU Archives:1998-01-2786]

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    Going Mobile

    By the early 2000s many students had their own mobile phones. Student texting on her iPhone in the library, 2010.

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    Photographer: Mike Rathjen, University Communications, 2010

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