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AUCC Membership

Trinity Western, BC’s Christian university, has been voted into full membership in the AUCC [Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada]. The decision was made Thursday morning (March 8) in Montreal, at a meeting attended by presidents of recognized degree-granting Canadian universities and their affiliates.
Though AUCC is not primarily an accrediting body, membership gives the Christian university at Langley additional national recognition among its peers.
TWC News Release, March 8, 1984. [TWU Archives: F 2 B 67 File 12]

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    AUCC Announcement

    TWC News Release, March 8, 1984.

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    [TWU Archives: F2 B 67 File 12]

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    In His Own Words ...

    Looking back, Academic Dean Ken Davis reflects on the goal of being “accepted as a genuine, openly biblical, Christian University, without apology …” 1998.

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    [TWU Archives: Audio Visual Collection. Aud 292]

    [13:30] But there was a second objective.  And the second objective was equally necessary as also a matter of integrity and even harder to fulfill. The need to be accepted also as a genuine openly biblically Christian university, without apology. This was necessary if we were to fulfill, fulfill our own mission, the goals of the Evangelical community that created us and the injunctions of our lord and we had to do it with integrity. The scripture says “whatsoever you do, whatsoever you do, do all in the name of the LORD Jesus to the glory of GOD.” That’s an imperative. This also had to be presented to AUCC with integrity and then defended as academically intellectually, valid as a university model ...

    [19:08] We took seriously Colossians 1:18 so that in everything, in everything Christ might have the preeminence. This required a major self-training effort by our faculty. An on-going life-long ever more exciting study in which you now also share and reap the benefits. It meant our discovering what it means to subject every discipline to the Lordship of Christ and our faculty both did it and continues to do it, and it has made them able to make major contributions to a series of Christian perspective textbooks in all the major disciplines that have been published by the Christian College Coalition. This model was incorporated into a document entitled “Academic Freedom at Trinity Western;” it was presented to AUCC, it was defended by us, and what a witness it was. And finally it was accepted, resulting in our full admission to the company of recognized Universities in Canada. 



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