Trinity Western University


First Four-Year Degrees

Trinity’s first baccalaureate degrees were awarded to sixteen students on Sunday, April 27, 1980.

The Pillar that year was dedicated to the Senior Class:
"Thank-you for having the courage to graduate as the first class of a fledgling program. Thank-you for the benefits of your experience, wisdom and character. And, as you go out into a world full of intense job competition, huge political and economic problems and great spiritual challenges, thank-you for proving to us all that our learning experience is just beginning."
[TWU Archives: Pillar Yearbook Collection, 1980, p. 7]

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    Graduation Ceremony

    President Snider awarding a degree to Dora Bauch, of Langley, 1980.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-1709]

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    Valedictorian Cliff Underwood, pictured here with his son, 1980.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-2877]

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    Graduation Program

    Wilbert Norton, Dean of Wheaton and a member of the School for Canada Committee, served as graduation speaker in 1980.

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    [TWU Archives: F 2 B 25 File 22]

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