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McMillan Park Rest Area

In September 1976 the multi-phased McMillan Park and Trinity Lake Project culminated with the opening of the McMillan Park Rest Area adjacent to Glover Road.

Approximately 150 years ago, an exploration party led by James McMillan under the direction of the Hudson’s Bay Company camped for the night among the tall stately trees along the small Salmon River which cuts through the valley … Today, at approximately the same location, a project is underway to make this historic site known as part of the history of Langley, and to provide a rest area where other travelers may enjoy the beauty of the Salmon River and the towering mountains surrounding the Fraser Valley.
Fraser Valley News Herald, June 9, 1976. [TWU Archives: Coll 3 B 1 File: 1976]

McMillan Park Rest Area was declared open on Thursday September 23rd by Weir Muir, president of the Langley Chamber of Commerce, which had joined forces with TWC to develop the park and rest area with the assistance of a Local Initiative Programme grant. TWC Library Director David Twiest supervised the project.
The Langley Advance, September 30, 1976. [TWU Archives: Coll 3 B 1 File: 1976]

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    Opening Day

    President Snider with Weir Muir and others, Opening Day, 1976.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-2227]

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    Historic Marker

    Long before it was owned by Trinity, this historically significant site had belonged to the Hudson’s Bay Company.

    The historic marker installed at the new park stated:
    The land adjacent to this marker was the site of the Hudson’s Bay Farm which was one of few sources of food provisions for fur brigades, miners, and others from the 1830s to the 1870s.
    1834 – large scale operation began on 2000 acre plot
    1839 – food stuffs supplied to Alaska by agreement with the Russian-American Company
    1846 – Fur brigades to British Columbia interior provided with food products
    1858 – food provisions purchased by great numbers of Gold Rush miners
    1878 – land divided into 20 parcels and auctioned

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-2226]

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    Rest Area

    McMillan Park Rest Area , 197-.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-4161]

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