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A New President

With each year Trinity Western’s foundation had grown stronger and deeper, its reputation as an institution of higher learning more secure and its standing in the community more enhanced. It was time for an infusion of new blood at the top…
It came down to four essentials:

  1. He must be a thoroughly committed Christian who shared the TWC purpose and convictions.
  2. He must have academic qualifications and experience, which should include a Ph.D. and background in college administration.
  3. He should have an Evangelical Free Church background, not for sectarian reasons but in view of the way the Free Church operates.
  4. He should be a Canadian.

I sealed my commitment to God and to the Board that when a man came upon the scene who met all four of these conditions, all they need do was to let me know and I would resign… I did know of one man in Winnipeg who it seemed to me would be eminently qualified on all four points…
Calvin B. Hanson. On the Raw Edge of Faith, p. 177; 179

It was in 1974 that God called Marlie, me and our family to step into the flow of miracles that constitute the history of Trinity Western. Having been engaged in teaching, administration, and leadership in Manitoba and having completed a doctorate that focused on the sociology of complex organizations, I could not have guessed how important this preparation would be in the days ahead.
R. Neil Snider, quoted in Trinity Western University: Stories of Faith and Transformation, p. 23

In June, 1974, Dr. Ronald Neil Snider - Acting President of Winnipeg Bible College - was elected President of Trinity Western College by the conference of the Evangelical Free Church. President Hanson officially resigned on the 31st of August.

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    Transition Time

    Trinity’s second President was inaugurated Friday Oct 4th.

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    Evangelical Beacon, October 4, 1974, p. 15 [TWU Archives: Coll 3 B 1 File: 1974]

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    President Snider

    A formal portrait, Del Monte Studios, 197-.

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-0039]

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    Snider Family

    Neil and Marlie Snider with their three children, Dean, Dawn, and Dana, 1977 (Photographer unknown).

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    [TWU Archives: 1998-01-3926]

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